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Polar Back Wrap

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Polar Back Wrap
Effective cooling for the hottest jobs, the Polar Back Wrap is cool, long-lasting and comfortable. It stays cool so you do too!

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This little cool wrap is a powerful personal cooler.  It cools the blood flow around the lower back and works as well as most cooling vests!   Three channels of cooling wrap comfortably around the waist, providing intense core cooling power.  Available in three sizes with easy adjust Velcro-style fasteners to fit 26" to 59" waists. 
This cooling tool won't won't drip or leak and does not need ice or refrigeration.  Stays cool till the day is over!  It can be worn over a T-shirt and works perfect under coveralls and fire suits. Comfortable, re-usable and effective.   Safely reduces core body temperatures while keeping you cool.  If you combine it with one of our cool neck wraps, and/or a pair of the Polar Wrist Wraps, you will find that the combined cooling power is very cool indeed!  Available in black, navy, and tan.

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